Brazilian Food

For some, a quality Brazilian cuisine can be hard to find. We think that’s unfortunate, so we’re here to ensure that you always have a quality Brazilian restaurant when you’re craving one! For those who have had brazilian cuisine, we’d like you to stop by and have some great food courtesy of our restaurant.

Our Brazilian food matches with some of the best in the area. With some of the best ingredients, we make dishes of only the highest quality for our customers. We want you to leave our restaurant satisfied and with a full stomach.

We are a family restaurant, which welcomes all families to come and enjoy some good food from a variety of different areas. Don’t forget to look into our gluten free breakfast and lunch options!

Our variety is something we take pride in and we hope that you enjoy the vast amount of dishes that we serve. If you’d like to stop by, come check out Jr's Diner at Milford, MA today!